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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a qualified handyman in the Bay Area varies depending on the home improvement project. The type of work that needs to be done will determine the real costs, so keep that in mind. You can contact Precision Handyman for a free quote of any handyman services at reasonable prices.

When you need the work done immediately, free quotes are offered. If you anticipate that the job will take more than a day, it is better to call Precision Handyman as the task will need to be evaluated and formalized with a price.

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Small jobs are typically regarded as one-offs or tasks finished in under an hour or two. In order to avoid any misconceptions, we prefer to quote the job upfront. Call us at (408) 544-0982 to learn more if you need an emergency handyman services.

In addition to emphasizing safe work methods, Precision Handyman is dedicated to seeing your job through to completion. We don’t take shortcuts, only employ top-notch equipment, and produce work of the highest caliber!

There is no such thing as an impossible, complicated, or tiny job. For the money you pay, you’ll have a pleasurable encounter and a great work.

In both residential and commercial settings, Precision Handyman provides services. Every assignment and project is completed successfully, so you can relax.

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